Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Greetings from San Francisco

Greetings Everyone,

I am having a great time in San Francisco. I love the place and I wish I could stay here longer. I still haven't seen everything yet, but theres always a next time.
This time tomorrow I will be heading to a new country, with different currency, different weather and different softer accents. This country is Canada-my Mother's homeland. I will be starting a Rocky Mountains tour-very exciting.

San Francisco has been a wonderful place to visit.
Here are some of the places and things I have done in San Francisco:
City Tour:-took a city tour around the Golden Gate Bridge, Twin Peaks-a viewing area looking over the city and to Golden Gate Park. At Golden Gate Park I visited the Japanese Tea Garden. The Golden Gate Park was a very beautiful park and I could have stayed their longer, but I was on a tight schedule.

Fisherman's Wharf is an amazing place to visit. A little bit like the Viaduct in Auckland, but on a much larger scale. I saw Sea Lions on the Wharf and bought some fruit at the Farmer's Market. I could spend the whole day at Fisherman's Wharf. I even had a little monkey sit on my knee there.

I have also tried out the cable car twice along the street. It is very popular with tourists and people have to stand in it. They even stand outside it holding onto the posts.

Yesterday I did my 2.5 hour bike ride from the bay to Saucelito. I cycled up and down hills. The hardest part was cycling up the hills.

Today I am going to jail-just kidding!!! not that sort of jail.
I am going to a historic jail that is open to the public and it is on an island. It is called Alcatraz and you have to get a boat to it. It is in the middle of the harbour. The gangster Al Capone went there and was behind bars there.

Did you know facts:

The Golden Gate bridge was built in 1937. It is 71 years old
The Golden Gate Bridge is always painted. Painters are employed to paint the bridge. Once they finish painting the bridge. They paint it again and again.

San Francisco has 1 million people living in it.

San Francisco has the highest percentage of homeless people living there. The reason is because the homeless people get paid a $100.00 benefit a week and San Francisco is the only city that does this

The Homeless people consist of people who have mental, drug and alcohol problems.
They have no homes to go to and they sleep under the stars each night.

In San Francisco it is foggy in the mornings and you can't see the bridge. It lifts in the afternoon.

The weather is cooler here than in LA and San Diego
It is 63 degrees Farenheight. Look that up on Google to work out degrees celcius

That's all of the news from me.
Thanks so much for your comments to the blog site. I love reading them. Keep them coming in. Will blog you in a new country next time.

Take Care and Best Wishes,


Miss Paton


Anonymous said...

It look like you had lot of fun
at San francisco.

love Amanda

mele said...

Hi,How are things in San Farncisco?
Miss Staring is looking forward to seeing you.Miss Staring found were the password to the computer.It was hared to find your password.We got your card that you send to us.We saw that photo that you send to us.Do San Francisco have animals?

Melelangi said...

Hi miss paton

Are you haveing fun at san Francisco.

from melelangi

Tame'e said...

Hi miss paton
I was suprised when you went to San Francisco I did not now you were where and I like the pictures of the roller coster. miss paton my birthdays on Thrsday and I am really trunning 8 years old and I saw the really beautiful beautiful
card in the world and can you send messeges when you are at canada.I love you miss paton good luck miss paton on your journey.
I went home school partnership last night with my mum.

Love from Tame'e

Evelyn Leona said...

Hello Miss paton, it looks like you are having a great time. I wish that I was there with you. Now you look after yourself and have a great time.

From Evelyn Leona

Manase said...

Hi Miss Paton

wow!. You had an great time at san francisco.
I hope you get out of jail
beacause i was really worry.

love Manase

Manase said...

Hi Miss Paton

wow!. You had an great time at san francisco.
I hope you get out of jail
beacause i was really worry.

love Manase

Sela said...

Wow! Miss Paton, it looks like your having a lot of fun. Those photos are sooo cool. keep taking photo's. We miss you heaps and have a great time with your family.

hola said...

hi miss paton we are all good today room8 and i have been learnig about worms and food scraps and rubbish love from hola