Saturday, 30 August 2008

My last night in Los Angeles

Greetings Everyone,

Today I went to the Californian Adventure Park. I was going to do a Movie Stars Tour and visit the Theatres around Hollywood, but unfortunately the touring company does not do pick ups from Anaheim, where I am staying. Anaheim is a 1 hour drive from Hollywood and Downtown Los Angeles. So I had a change of plans. In a way I wanted to do the Adventure Park, and I thought that if I come back again I would do the Adventure Park, it's funny the way things have turned out.
If I go back again I wouldn't mind staying in Santa Monica a little bit closer to Hollywood, and I would be able to do the Movie Stars/theatres tour, the Getty Museum and Knotts Berry Farm. As the saying goes I got to save something for next time.
Tonight is my last night in Anaheim Los Angeles. I'm feeling rather sad to be leaving this place as I have had many happy memories here such as visiting Disneyland, Universal Studios, Californian Beaches and Down town Los Angeles. Visiting Disneyland has always been a childhood dream of mine to visit the castle and to experience the magic of the place where dreams come true. When I was a child there was a lot of Disney cartoons and shows on TV and I would always see the castle before and after the TV Programme. Despite feeling a little sad, I have got a new city to explore and many more adventures to undertake in the hot southern city called San Diego. I will be catching a bus to San Diego which is a 2 hour drive from Anaheim.
When you open this blog on Monday morning I will be in San Diego.
I will be staying in San Diego for seven nights and it is the closest US City to the country Mexico. I will be expecting to see more Mexican people in San Diego. In San Diego, I will be visiting the Zoo, Sea World and the Wild Animal Park. I will also be doing a tour of San Diego City.

Well that's all from me,

Here are some more: Did you know facts about the USA:

* In the USA, we have to tip-pay people extra money for the service they provide.
It is around 15-20% of the actual cost.
You give tips to: Bus Drivers, Restaurant workers and sometimes workers at the Hotel


Miss Paton orders a Roast Beef Dinner for $12.99
A drink known as Soda for $1.00
Altogether the meal would cost $13.99
But I would also have to pay the waiter extra money which would be around: $2.80 for the service they provide
Then on top of my meal bill I have to pay tax which is around: 8%
In total the meal would add up to around $17.00 -just off the top of my head

* When you pay for a postcard, it maybe be 50 cents. In the shop they are advertised as 50 cents each, but when you pay for the postcard the cashier may say 55 cents. This is the hidden tax. So different to New Zealand, as we pay a set amount of money for things-no hidden charges.

* You children are so lucky with your fruit. Here in the USA, fruit is very expensive.
I paid $14.00 USA money for 3 Apples, 3 Nectarines and 3 Peaches at the Farmer's Market.
For 1 banana it is over $1.00 USA money
Junk food seems to be cheaper than healthy food.

* Healthy food restaurants are very hard to find in Anaheim
Common foods on the menu in Restaurants are: Burgers, Pizza, Fried foods.
Healthy salads have mayonaise or a whole lot of dressing piled on top.

* Over half the people in Los Angeles speak Spanish

* The weather temperature is measured in Farenheight instead of degrees Celcius.

You may want to see what the weather temperature is in San Diego on the Internet
Just type into Google: Weather temperatures in San Diego
Some websites have the temperature in degrees celcius

Have a great week. Hopefully my Hotel has Internet/Emailing facilities in San Diego. It's just great here in Los Angeles.
Will create a new post on the blog in San Diego.

Love from,

Miss Paton


Ilaisaane said...

Hi Miss potan

I see that you are haveing fun time. I can"t wait for you to come back.

From Ilaisaane

mele said...

Hi Miss Paton
What movie are you going to do?I see you are haveing a great time.I hope you come back to room8.

Falesiu said...

Hi Miss Patan

I miss you very much.How are you at Los Angeles.


Anonymous said...

Dear Miss Paton,

We wish we could of come and visited Disneyland. We hope you bring back some photos.

Have a great time in your next city.

Love Room 2

June and Edwina said...

hi miss paton
we really miss you. how was it in the hotel. did you hvae a great time in Los Angeles.did you sleep well in the hotel or not

edwina and june said...

hi miss paton
are you having a fantastic time in San Diego.Is is fun over there.I wish i went there with you and we had fun together.i wshed that dream came true.

Erika said...

Hello miss Paton i can't wait until you send us pictures from the zoo ok i miss you.I hope you have fun exploring the world.

Evelyn\room7 said...

Hello Miss Paton, You have been in alot of lovely places. I wish I was their with you. Well i heard that you are going to the San Diego zoo. That sounds amazing. Mrs Boyer said that the fruit in the states cost lots and lots of money.

Time to say goodbye but you have a wonderful time and send us some pictures from the zoo.

Love From Evelyn and Room7

Scott Hita Room 7 said...

Hey Miss Paton,

How are you today I am so full of envy right now. It has been my childhood dream to go to America and most of all DISNEYLAND.

Hope you are alright,
From Scott Room 7

myo htat and johnathan said...

hi Miss Paton
I hope that you are ok we miss you Miss Paton.

From Myo htat and Johnathan

Falesiu and Ilaisaaneuhy said...

Hi Miss Paton

I cant wait intiel you come back becouse we miss you miss paton forever.Miss strang has been nice to us all.

Falesiu and Ilaisaane

Gary and Litani said...

Hi Miss Paton
I hope you injoy your trip to San diego. I also hope you will have
a good trip to the zoo.

Gary and Litani

Siupeli and Aaron said...

Hi Miss Paton

We were having a great time with Mrs Strang. You missed our Dafidol
Day that was on last Friday. We made $114 and $107 went to the cancer soicioty.The rest of the money went to us.
From Siupeli and Aaron.

Isaiah and Silas said...

Hi Miss paton

I have herd that you are
going to the zoo we are just
doing our work. We have a new boy in our class his name is Silas.
We hope you come fast.

from Isaiah and Silas

Room1 said...

Hi Miss Paton
How are you doing in Sandaigo.
Are you feeling lonely or happy.
I hope you come back to Glenbrae
school. What day are you coming back on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday,
Thursday or Friday?
From:Gemima,Eseki, AJ, Jerome and Mark.

Faamafu and Falesiu said...

Hi Miss Paton,

How are you.Room8 Miss's you.We are being good to Miss strang and Miss strang Miss's you to.

From Faamafu and Falesiu

Luana said...

Hi Miss Paton,
I hope you are having a great time at Los Angeles which is your last day in Los Angeles.You missed our Daffdol day we made $114 and $107 went to the cancer socioty and the rest of the money were for us. Room8 misses you so much. We hope you come back soon.

june said...

hi misspaton
how are you doing in SanDiego. have you visited the zoo yet . i can't wait for the pictures you are going to show us from the Sandiego zoo.

Raewyn said...

Jay's just checked the weather in San Diego and its fine, fine and fine again. Not so here. After a lovely day it is now persisting down!! Glad I don't live over there. Fancy having to pay that much for a bit of fruit! Terrible!!
Glad you're having such a good time,though. Keep blogging. We love getting on each day and seeing what you're up to. xx Raewyn

Amanda said...

Hi Miss paton

You had lot of fun at
Los Angeles. I had a good weekend
at my uncle.

from Amanda

Erika said...

Hello miss Paton i hope you are enjoying exploring America.
love Erika

Evelyn said...

Hey Miss Paton, How are you doing? Well we are having a home School Partnership meeting tomrrow night. What day and time are you coming back to New Zealand? People are missing you very much, Even I do. You have a good time and be on your best behavour.

from Evelyn....

fifita said...

hi miss paton
hows it going i hope you come back with some photos and that we can see some photos
by fifita

Erika said...

I hope your having fun i cant believe that there is more junk food and less healthy food.
Love Erika.

Samuel said...

Hi Miss paton

We went to the cross country race.
We had a sausage sizzle for play lunch. I came second

From Samuel

Aaron said...

Hi Miss Paton

I am going to my auntys for the holidays.I wos looking after my mum. fome Aaron.