Saturday, 20 September 2008

Greetings from Vancouver

Hi Everyone,

No my trip isn't coming to an end, but my tour has.
Today I will be meeting my Aunt and Uncle for the first time in Victoria in about another 5.5 hours from now. This day will be a very significant day in Joy Paton History: Friday September 19. It will be a trip of learning about my mother's birth place, where she grew up, where she went to school, her family home etc. I am looking forward to this. I had a two night stop over tour when I was in Victoria and went to the Museum and IMax Theatre. The hotel that I was staying with the tour: The Queen Victoria Hotel and Suites was where my Mum worked as a chamber maid (cleaner) before she came to New Zealand. I made contact with my Mum's best friend on the first night and managed to catch up with her. On my second night I heard from my Uncle (my Mum's Brother). We are very excited about meeting each other and catching up.

The tour was great. I did do the rafting along along the Athabasca River (sorry Dad couldn't resist). It wasn't like the typical White Water Rafting where you wore helmets and go into swirling rapids and you had to paddle. On this rafting trip the guide did the paddling along this calm river and we experienced about five rapids throughtout the one hour trip. I think it got to my side more than the others as we were the wettest. We mainly got wet on the back of our pants. The water was 4 degrees celcius.

I also did canoeing down the Frazer River in the Rockies. The Canoe held ten people and we had a guide. The water was very calm and I throughly enjoyed it. The trip was for an hour. Then we had a feast at the canoe place. I had bison stew. It was set in a log style cabin which fitted everyone.The lighting we had were candles. It was very nice. This was in Sun Peaks which was between Jasper and Victoria.
We were told on the tour of Sun Peaks to not go out on our own as there were bears around the area and it was safer to go out in a group. I didn't go out on my own and just stayed with the group.

Must Leave now,
My time is running out and it is flashing at me.

Take Care and Best Wishes,

Love From,

Miss Paton


Mrs B said...

Hi Miss P,
Glenbrae is winding down and getting ready for a well deserved 2 weeks break. We have all been working hard and behaving pretty well. Mrs Strang has her voice back now and is feeling good.
Lucky you didn't fall into that 4C water!You might have been an ice block.
By now you will have met your Canadian relatives and will be talking and catching up on that side of your history. I'm sure you will learn lots of new things to add to your family knowledge.
Mrs Jones has your laptop safely aat home ready for you when you get there.
Have a safe trip home and a great ULearn conference.
Mrs B

ERIK said...

Hi Paton

are you having a awesome time

at Vancouver.



Amanda said...

Hi miss paton
Are you in that boat.
I like the picture of the polar
bear.Have fun and make morer comment.


June said...

hi miss paton
yesterday the inter house netball people played netball rimu won from june

Faamafu said...

Hi miss Paton,

Some of the people are going to soccer and some of the people are going to netball.Lots of people are in soccer.


davinia said...

Hi Miss Paton

hay miss paton its me Davinia yesterday on lunch kowhai and Rimu
were plaing netball. Rimu had 3 pontis and kowhai had 1. I hope you enjoy your trip. Thats all from me.

love Davinia.