Friday, 5 September 2008

Last Day in San Diego

Greetings from San Diego.
Today I am in downtown San Diego doing a trolley tour and have found an internet cafe that is cheaper than the hotel.

I have had an amazing 7 days in San Diego.
The places I have visted since my last post was The Wild Animal Park and San Diego Zoo. The Wild Animal Park was about 35 miles (1 hour drive) out of San Diego. It was in a rural area, where they have had a lot of Californian Fires. The animals were very exotic and came from Africa and Asia, some of the animals I have never heard of before such as the Okapi, Takins, Yellow backed Dulker, Ground Hornbill, Bontebok, Nyalla and different types of Gazelle and Springboks. I thought of Mr Louw when I went past the Springbok and the other African animals. Have a look under Google to read about some of these interesting animals. There might be something under Wikipaedia.

Yesterday I went to San Diego Zoo. It was an amazing place to visit and I can see why it is written in books as a must see place to visit in the USA. The layout was beautiful. I saw different types of big cats and bears. I saw Polar Bears, Pandas, Grizzly Bears and the Sun Bear. I saw other exotic animals such as Tapirs and Langurs.

Did you know:
San Diego Zoo was founded by Dr Harry Wegeforth in 1936 which makes the zoo 72 years old
In San Diego the nights are very hot. Last night it was 25 degrees celcius.
Theordore Seuss from the Dr Seuss books was born in San Diego.
Chester Santa Le Fei came from San Diego and he was the creator of the Monopoly Game
Chemicals are added in the water in the USA. More so in Los Angeles. Had the side effects
Fruit glorious fruit is at my hotel and is served for breakfast.
Off to San Francisco tomorrow. Meeting my parents over there. Three hour flight

Take Care and Best Wishes,

Love From Miss Paton


MELE said...

Hi Miss Paton
I wish that i will come with you and see the zoo.We miss you a lot and i could't wait till you come back.It look's like that you are haveing great time.Today it is Siupeli birthday.


Ilaisaane said...

Hi miss Paton
I wich that I will come and see the sea and see the zoo.I think you haveing a fantasic.

From Ilaisaane

mrs lagitupu said...

Hi Miss Paton

It sounds like you are having a fantastic time! It must be so aweome for your students to hear from you even though you are on the other side of the world.
What a cool teacher you are.
Take care on your travels.

Mrs Lagitupu
Pt England School

Bachelor Paul said...


Erik said...

Hi MISS Paton

are you haveing a fantasic time.


ANNE said...

Hi, you appear to be having a woderful time. We have read all your e-mails BUT I wish now that I had taken your Laptop password as I could have shown them on the other screen, also I am going to the second course on Easiteach with Teresa on Wednesday afternoon.
We have been very busy working hard. Take care and enjoy . ANNE S.

luana said...

Hi Miss Paton,
We miss you so much we hope you come back soon. I hope you are having a great time at all the places that you go to. We wish you luck. MRS Stang is a great teacher to have for us.


sela said...

Hi Mrs Paton,
It seems like your having a good time.I miss you a lot and could of snuck into your suitcase. Any way please keep that camera clicking.

fifita said...

hi miss patin
how is the trip going today were are you now have are graet day in were ever you are .

by fifita

fifita said...

i wish you have are fantastic time i hope you have are great time an you should have are very good time
from fifita

Tamaki Primary School said...

Hi Miss Paton
Looks and sounds like you are making the most of it! Good for you! What is a "trolley tour'??? Keep yourself safe and keep us updated!
From Mrs Kelly
Tamaki Primary School

Jenny said...

Hi Joy !

Wow ! You are having a wonderful time . Poor us have to stay back and work hard. See you at U-Learn.

I have recently made a blog for my class. Have a look and leave a comment.

See you soon at U-learn.