Sunday, 14 September 2008

Greetings from Banff Canada

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to all those new people who have clicked onto the site, hope you are enjoying the adventure as much as I am experiencing it.
Greetings from Banff Canada. I am on my Rockies tour around Canada. On Wednesday I flew to Calgary, and checked out the city.
On Thursday I went to the Calgary Tower, the tallest tower in Canada higher than the sky tower. In Calgary there is a free train that you can take and it takes you along a straight route through the city. I caught the train to the tower. Then I caught another train and paid $2.50 one way to go to the zoo. I wanted to go to the zoo to see the Canadian animals before my rockies tour started. I saw Elk, deer, moose, grizzly bears and mountain goats at the zoo. The zoo was a little different to the zoo in San Diego.
Yesterday my Rockies tour started and I met up with the tour group. I am sharing a room with a lady from the United Kingdom and her name is Jean. She is lovely. There are also some people from Christchurch on my tour who live not so far from my parents-small world. We travelled from Calgary to Banff. Banff is in the Rockies and it is picture perfect. The mountains are different shades of green and there is some snow on the mountains. It is a beautiful place to visit and I can see why it is a must see place to visit in books.
Today I went on a gondola ride up Sulphur Mountain one of the Rocky Mountains. We went up very high. I held onto my seat for dear life when we were going up and down. We were advised that the altitude was very high and that we needed water on us as we could get dizzy/head achy.
I have also visited the Native American Indian Museum in the town centre and have walked around the National Park Gardens. There are flowers growing this time of year which is autumn
Tomorrow I am going to the Columbia Ice Fields and I am going to take the plunge and go rafting. I have also put my name down to do Canoeing on one of the lakes in the Sun Peaks area and I am going to do a boat cruise along one of the lakes in the Rockies. All very exciting.
Tonight I am going to a Canadian Restaurant which serves bison, so I might try that for the first time.

That's all of the news from me,

Take Care and Best Wishes,

Love Miss Paton

Did you know Facts:
There are only 1 million people in Calgary
It is the fourth largest city in Canada
There is a famous Stampede where people ride buffalo (cattle) in front of large audiences
The average age for people living in Calgary is 35 - 45 years
Alberta gets it's name from Caroline Louise Alberta-Queen Victoria's daughter
Banff gets it's name from Bampshire in the United Kingdom
Banff is a cooler city than the other cities I have visited as it is close to the mountain ranges
The Elk can be vicious animals if you get up close to them
Visitors have to RESPECT the animal life in the Rockies, or else we could lose a limb or break a leg
In Calgary there weren't any street beggars like I saw in San Francisco.
It is classed as one of the safer cities to visit in Canada
The weather in the Rockies can be four seasons in one day-we were advised to wear plenty of layers as it can get very cold or it can be very hot


Scott Room7 said...

Hey Miss Paton,

Well aren't you a lucky tucker going to all those cool places.
Beleive it or not I posted this at 4 30 on the same day you posted it.

Well Please!! go on to my bebo page and post me a letter on my white board. Speaking of whiteboards SINCE! WHEN! DID! YOU! GET! A! IBOARD!(Interactive Whiteboard) you lucky thing.


tamakitoday said...

I hope the Bison tasted nice!

Jenny. said...

Hey Joy !

You need to look at my class blog and do give us a comment.


KATO said...

HI miss paton
was it cold at canada and do you have to wea warm clothes.i want to come school every day.

love from kato

Amanda said...

Hi miss paton

Was it hot or cold at Banff canada. I cant'WANT TO see you in the holiday.

love from Amanda

Neville (Dad) said...

Dear Joy,

You are doing wonderful work on your camera and throughout your overseas tour.
I love your descriptive comments and great information you are giving your class children. It is certainly a wonderful geography lesson for all ages.

Love from Dad