Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Jack and the Beanstalk

This is a narrative of Jack and the Beanstalk retold by Joan.


Miss Elia said...

Hi Joan
You retold the story very clearly. I thought it was really good the way you used repetition to show how high the beanstalk was (up, up , up and down, down down). Good on you.

Nana Bella said...

Hi Joan,
You expressed the story very clearly. You read it really well. Your voice was nice, loud and clear. I could see by your face that you were enjoying the story. I really enjoyed listening to you. Well done, Joan.
Nana Bella

jezebella said...

Hi jona.

you had a good story and you spiked vrer good to me.


Layla said...

Hey Joan
I liked when you spoke nice and clearly and i liked it when you retold the story very clearly

Hannah said...

Hi Joan I really liked how you were speaking clearly.You were amazing.I realy enjoyed your story.

joan said...

hi joan

i like the way you spoke clearly

anamanu said...

dear joan

i really like your narritive story. i would like to hear you make a story again.

Love anamanu

nunia said...

Hi joan you speak very clearly i enjoyed it

layla said...

Hey Joan i liked how you spoke clearly i realy loved it

Eseki Tanaki said...

Hi Joan

I like your story it was very interesting and I like the way you spoke.
from eseki

kato and jezebella said...

Hi Joan

you did a great job on speking you did a great jobb on your brainstom and you got a nice voice and you have a nice,wonderful voice and have a fun day with your singing group.

love by kato and jezebella

NUNIA said...


Hannah said...

Hi Joan I really liked your story about Jack and the Bean stalk.

Hannah said...

Hi Joan

I really liked your story about Jack and the Bean Stalk.

tominika said...

hi joan

it me tominika i like your story it is very nice and your story is very cool love tominika.

Love by tominika.