Tuesday, 27 July 2010

My Holiday

Hooray! It’s the holidays I could not wait to go fishing with my family.

When we arrived at my house I ran to my room and got my shoes and my jumper.
I went to my grandpa and told him that it was time to go fishing . So we went outside and got in the van . My uncle drove us to Mission Bay. When we got out of the van, I got out my net and began fishing . Later my cousin and I went for a walk while my grandpa and uncle were still fishing.

When we came back from our long walk we asked my grandpa and my uncle if they caught any fish but they caught none. So we went back home. Then we went back home and had some ice block.

I enjoyed my day out fishing in the holidays.


June Leona said...

hi anamannu i like your story about your holiday and did you catch any fish

Miss Elia said...

Kia ora, Anamanu
Your story was really interesting to read. It's great that you had fun even though you didn't catch any fish.

Plessius family said...

Hi Anamanu,
By reading your story, I could tell how excited you were to spend time with your grandpa going to try to catch a fish. I hope you have better luck next time!
Karl's mum