Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Super Tasi Saves the Day By Tame'e

Joy and Paton keep tagging Ben's books. Ben gets into trouble for doing this and when Ben says it's not him the teacher doesn't believe him. The Principal has $5.00 taken off his desk and Ben knows it was Joy and Paton. In Assembly he asks the whole school. Ben puts up his hand to say that he knows who stole his money, but suddenly the wall moves.

Tune in and hear this exciting story.


room1 said...

I like how you were talking
From Mark, Aj, Anamanu, Eseki

Ilaisaane said...

H Tame'e

I like your voice Tame'e.

You have a loudly voice and you spoke clealy. Keep it up Tame'e.

From Ilaisaane

Manaiakalani said...

Hey Tame'e
I was amazed when I listened to your story. What a lot of planning and writing must have gone into this because you have written a very detailed story. And you have read it so well. Good on you.
Mrs Burt