Thursday, 28 August 2008

Greetings from Los Angeles Day 4

Hi Everyone,

I am so lucky at my hotel in Anaheim I have got free Internet and Emailing facilities. All the more reason to blog you all more regularly. Flash Apple flat screen computers, better than my home computer.

Today I did a tour around Los Angeles. I went to Hollywood and had my photo taken beside Jack Sparrow (Pirates of the Carribean main character). I also took a picture of Elmo from Sesame Street.
I took lots of pictures of the Walk of Fame, they are the stars on the pavement. You might have seen them on TV or on the Internet. I also went to a beach on my tour called Venice Beach. I didn't feel safe there and wouldn't go back there again. It was a very different beach to most other beaches I have come across. They call it the hippy beach and it did not smell like a beach.
At lunch time today I went to a Farmers Market and I got to try the American favourite: Cherry Pie for the first time. My Mum talks about how nice it was, when she was growing up and it was nice to try something new.

Life is pretty interesting in the USA.

Did you know:
* In the USA, the money is very different to New Zealand's money.
We have 1 cent coins, 5 cent coins, 25 cent coins (quarters), and one dollar notes.
If you want to buy a bottled water it may cost $1.79.
I have now got a purse full of 1 cent coins.

* In Los Angeles there are 8 million people living in it.
two times the size of New Zealand's population

* In California (State) there are 32 million people living in it

* Disneyland was built in 1955 by the creator Walt Disney

* Disneyland used to be an orange grove/orchard before it became a theme park.

* It took Walt Disney one year to build Disneyland.

* On Disneyland's open day there were 28 invited people, but 48 people turned up instead

* Sometimes there is a haze across the sky at the Hollywood sign and it may not always be easy to see.

* Desparate House wives (TV Show) is made at the Universal Studios

Well that's all of the news from me.
Tomorrow I am going to three different beaches across the Orange County in Anaheim. It is a day tour. I will be spending three hours each at three different beaches. No sunbathing, just paddling, admiring the scenery, taking pictures and enjoying the cafes.

Will get my Los Angeles photos burned onto CD within the next couple of days, when I find a shop that does it. Then I will be able to add them to the blog.

Take Care and Best Wishes,

From Miss Paton


Evelyn\room7 said...

Hey Miss Paton, how are you? Its been very quiet with out your laugh. Well it looks like you have been to alot of wonderful and amazing places.

Well you take care and have a wonderful time in Los Angelas.
Bye Bye from Evelyn and Room7

room1 said...

We miss you very much. We hope you are not feeling too lonely without Glenbrae School. You missed our Daffodil Day last Friday. GLenbrae School made $214.00. Glenbrae School gave $107.00 to the Cancer Society and Glenbrae School got the rest which was $107.00. I hope you will continue to have a lovely trip.
Love from Mrs Golder and Room 1.

mele said...

WOW Miss Paton
I think you are haveing a great time at San Deigo.Where are you going next.I am doing great in my maths.We are doing reading now.You missed ourt Daffodil day.


Anonymous said...

Hi miss paton

you mist out Daffodil day and we got $214.00 we give $107.00 to the

cancr society

Anonymous said...

your blog is great. It is very interesting,I would like to know more about sea worldwhen you get back.

See Ya
Nick Williams