Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Sarah's Troubles

Sarah is ten years old. She has brown curly hair. Sarah gets sworn at every day by Lisa and Kevin. Sarah has no friends to play with. Nobody likes Sarah very much. When Sarah finished her lunch she went to play on the slide and Kevin swore at her. In class Lisa throws Sarah notes with swear words on. One day a new boy called John comes into her classroom and everything changes for the better.

Tune in to hear this exciting story.


Chyann said...

Hi Luana,
It's me Chyann.I really loved reading your story, but it's sad how Sarah gets sworn at. Great job Luana.
By Chyann

Sela said...

Hi Luana
Your story is really sad. You are really trying hard with your work.
Keep up the great work and one day you might even become an author.

From Sela