Tuesday, 8 July 2008

The Margaret Mahy Show

Want to learn more about Margaret Mahy and the books she's written!!! Check out this Vodcast. June interviews Tatiana and Melelangi on what they have learnt about Margaret Mahy.


Johnathan said...

Hi the Margaret Mahy show you spoke clearly and loudly and you yous expession and I like your words from johnathan

Falesiu said...

Hi Margaret mahy show

you's spoke clearly and loudly to
from falesiu

Manaiakalani said...

That was the most delightful vodcast girls. Well done. I can't believe how much you know about Margaret Mahy! I hope she is listening to this too - she may find out stuff about herself that she had forgotten! I have read some of the books you talked about and some of the covers you displayed. You might like to read a podcast about one of those books. Try this one for example:The Three Legged Cat
Keep up the great work...
Mrs Burt

Melelangi said...

Hi Mrs Burt

Thank you for sending us a comment

From Melelangi

Luana said...

Hi Magaret Mahy Group

Thats a nice show you have.All of the Margaret Mahy group used heaps of expression. Im looking forward to hear more podcast.


Melelangi said...

Hi Margaret Mahy show

you spoke clearly and loud.you use lot of expression .keep up the great work.

From Melelangi