Saturday, 12 July 2008

Faamafu's report on Margaret Mahy

Learn about the life of Margaret Mahy presented in a report written by Faamafu. Faamafu covers information on Margaret's personal background, her writing and her success. In this report Faamafu goes in depth over the significance of the awards Margaret Mahy has won. Tune in and Enjoy.


june said...

Hi faamafu
I liked the way you spoke. You used a lot of expression

Anonymous said...

Hi Faamafu

I like your voice when you used a lot of expression.

From Falesiu

johnathan said...

Hi faamafu you spoke clearly. from johnathan

Awhina said...

Hi Faamafu
i like the way you spoke. you used lot of expression. i hope you enjoy doing podcasts.



luana said...

Hi Faa'mafu

I liked your podcast very much. You spoke loudly and clearly.You also used lots of expression. Keep it up.

ISAIAH said...

Hi Faamafu

I really liked the way you
spoke loudly and
you spoke clearly and used
lots of expression you are very good at podcast.I hope you make more.keep up the great


june said...

hi faamafu

you used a lot of expression to emphize your feelings. you made your voice go high and low.

Ilaisaane said...

Hi Faamafu

I liked the way you spoke. and you used expression.

amanda said...

Hi faamafu

you soke clearly. I like the way you soke. keep it up.

BY Amanda