Monday, 28 July 2008

Greetings from Wellington

Hi Room 8,

How are you all? I have had a great day down in Wellington. Have a look in the Atlas to see where Wellington is. I have just shown your fantastic work to about 50 teachers and principals. I showed your podcast / blogsite to these people. They were very impressed. You may have more visitors, clicking into our site.

I will take some photos of Wellington for you tomorrow. The hotel is opposite Te Papa-the Museum. I hope to go to the Museum after my meetings tomorrow.

Take Care and Be Good,

Love From,

Miss Paton


Faamafu and mele said...

Hi miss paton

We miss you very much.We arevery good to miss strag.I hope you come back.Plese come back.

From faamafu and mele

Ilaisaane said...

Hi miss paton

I miss you very much I hope you come back.


erik said...

hi miss paton

did you have fun when you went
what did it feel like when you went

Luana said...

Hi Miss Paton

Im lokking forward to see you again. Room8 miss you. We were good with Mrs Stang.


mele said...

Hi Miss Paton

What was it like in wellington.did you have a great day at wellington.have you being in the museum?


Miss Paton said...

Hi Erik,

I did have fun in Wellington. I learnt so much about how to be a better teacher. I felt excited when I went, as the last time I went to Wellington it was three years ago.

From Miss Paton