Saturday, 12 July 2008

Johnathan's report on Sir Edmund Hillary

Learn about Sir Edmund Hillary our famous New Zealander who was the first in the world to climb Mt Everest. Tune in to hear Johnathan's report on this amazing hero.


PATERIKA HENGREAVES, Poet Laureate said...

Very well spoken and it was a pleasure listening to your report on that famous global hero and humanitarian, Sir Edmund Hillary.

I was in elementary school when he climb Mt Everest. I was delighted when I visited New Zealand for the first time in 2004 and saw his statute in the Mall at Orewa. I was once more inspired by the greatness of this man that there and then I had to write an epic poem, entitled "Tuakau Honey Jar First to Ever Rest". You may read or listen to the poem posted on my website. Here is the link


Tamee and Awhina said...

hi johnathan

you spoke clealy and you have a lovly voiec. Do you like writing
about sir Edmund Hillary how did you used lots of interest words
and I realy saw you on t.v.

from Tame'e,Awhina

Faamafu said...

Hi Johnathan

Hi Johnathan you spoke clearly and you have a nice loud voice.Keep it up.

From Faamafu

Amanda said...

Hi johnathan you have lot of Exression in your sir Edmund Hillary Group. I hope you do lot of sir Edmund Hillary . by amanda

isaiah said...

Hi John

I Liked the way you tryed to speak clearly. you are a graet speaker Johnathan.


luana said...

Hi Jonathan
I liked your podcast very much. You spoke loudly and clearly and you used heaps of expression.Im looking forward to hear more of your podcast.Keep up the good work.

From luana

litani said...

Hi Johnathan

I learnt a lot about Sir Edmund Hillary. Keep up the great work

From, Litani

Awhina said...

HI Johnathan's

you used lots of' expression in your podcast.

I hope you make more podcasts.

from Amanda and Awhina

Isaiah said...

hi Johnathan

I very liked the way you spoke clearly keep up the good work.