Sunday, 27 April 2008

Tatiana's time at the Swimming Gala

On Friday March 14th, the senior school students took part in the Swimming Gala. It was an exciting time. Tatiana loved all the events. Her favourite event was the Noodle Race. Tune in and watch her take part in this race.


Anonymous said...

Hi Tatiana,
Congratulations on speaking clearly and loudly. I hope you won your races. I enjoyed listening to you.

Keep up the great work.
Room 8

Anonymous said...

Hi Tatiana,
I liked the way you used a lot of expression in your vodcast. Keep up the great work.


Anonymous said...

I really liked the way you spoke clearly during your vodcast. you spoke hi and low

Anonymous said...

hi TatIANA

I realy liked the way you spoke clearLy and how you used expression to. keep up the grate work tatiana

by isaiah

Mrs Burt said...

Hi Tatiana
This is the first vodcast I have seen from Glenbrae school and it made your recount sound so interesting when we could see the video footage as well. You sounded like a real reporter.
Well done

Anonymous said...

Hi Mrs Burt,

Thank you for sending me a comment. I had a good time at the swimming gala. I look forward to making more podcasts this term.


Miss Paton said...

Hi Tatiana,

Well done for speaking clearly. You have used lots of personal feelings and thoughts in your writing. Keep up the great writing.

From Miss Paton