Thursday, 3 April 2008

June's time at St Helier's Beach

June loves splashing water at St Helier's Beach. If you love beaches, you will definitely enjoy listening to June's recount.


Mrs Burt said...

Hi June

I really enjoyed listening to your recount. You had such a clear voice and made your recount interesting to listen to. I enjoyed looking at your picture too. I used to go to St Heliers beach a lot and I agree with you. It is a fun place to go. Now I go to Pt England beach because it is closer to my home and has a lot less people there. Have you ever been to Pt England beach?

Mrs Burt

Anonymous said...

Hi Mrs Burt
Thankyou for commenting on my podcast.
No I haven' been to Pt England beach.

Miss Morris said...

To June

We thought you spoke fluently and clearly. Your poor dad for getting water splashed at him.

From Room 2