Monday, 7 April 2008

Ilaisaane's time with Nana and Papa

Ilaisaane gets very excited in meeting her Nana and Papa in Tonga. Tune in and listen to this moving recount.


toafotuloi said...

Well done Ilaisaane. I am proud to hear you reading your recount writing it was extremely good. your pronouciation was clear and easy to follow. Good to her that you were happy living with Nana and Papa in Tonga. Hopefully you will continue on the good work and try to improve your reading, writing and speaking skills as well as your maths skills.


Mrs Burt said...

Hi Ilaisaane
I loved the way you wrote this recount and the words you chose. It made me feel like you were talking to me about living with your grandparents in Tonga. Are you going for a visit again soon?
Keep up the great writing.
Mrs Burt