Thursday, 3 April 2008

Tatiana goes shopping

Check out Tatiana's recount on her shopping visit to Pak 'n Save.


Anonymous said...

Hi Tatiana
I really enjoyed listening to your your vodcast.
you spoke clearly and loudly. Keep up the great work.


Mrs Burt said...

Wow Tatiana
You produced a fantastic podcast! Your recount was very interesting and well written. Your expression and your voice made it interesting to listen to. And I loved the graphic you drew. Well done. BTW my husband loves shopping at Pak'n Save too!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mrs Burt.

Thank you for saying those kind words. those kind words you said made me feel very happy.but what dose BTW mean.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tatiana
You used a lot of expression in your podcast and also you used alot of exting words

Kiralee Moriis said...

Hi Tatiana,

We liked the way you spoke clearly and used expression.

thank you
From room 2