Tuesday, 28 June 2011

A good use for cobwebs

Have you ever had a story called “A good use for a cobwebs?”

A long time on a stranded island called Hawiaki their lived a giant bird called Matuku who ate everyone when they crossed past his cave and used their bones to build his fence. Matuku captured an old warrior called Wahieroa and the servants. Wahieroa’s son, Rata promised to capture Matuku to stop him from eating people that went past his cave.

Rata’s spider made a net out of cobweb to capture Matuku. When Matuku came out of his cave Rata captured Matuku. They cooked Matuku, ate him and used his bones to complete his fence. They also freed the servants.

by Kahn


apelu said...

Good job Kahn.
Just a few spelling errors.
Keep up the good work.

james said...

hi kahn good job and good art

Plessius family said...

Hi Kahn,
I've never heard that story before - thanks for sharing it. You provided a great recount of the story. It must have been a very storng web, to be able to capture a person!
Tsana (Karl & Robin's mum)

Deandra said...

Hey Kahn I liked your story on
A Use For Cobwebs.

bono said...

Hi Kahn you did an amazing story

JayWontdart said...

Heres an audiobook version of my uncle Mike Youngs story "A Good Use For Cobwebs"

He died a few years ago from cancer, I'm sure he would want more people to be able to hear his story