Monday, 20 June 2011

A good use for cobwebs

Have you ever heard about a story called “A good use for cobwebs”? A long time ago on the island of Hawaiki there lived a giant bird called Matuku who cooked and ate anyone who passed his cave and made a fence with their bones.

Rata promised to capture Matuku because people were getting cooked when they went past his cave and Rata’s servants were about to get cooked by Matuku when Rata’s spider, Pungawerewere  made a net out of cobweb and to use it to go across the other side of the river.

They captured Matuku, cooked him, ate him and made a fence with his bones.  They also freed the servants.

by Voni


JayWontdart said...

Awesome! My uncle Mike Young wrote this story about Maori legend, I've uploaded an audio version of the story here :-)

Best wishes :-)


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