Tuesday, 21 June 2011

A good use for cobwebs

Have you ever heard of a story called ‘’A good use for cobwebs?” A long ago on the island of Hawaki there lived an giant bird called Matuku. He caught anyone who passed his cave, cooked them, ate them and used their bones for his fence.

Matuku captured Wahieroa, an old warrior and his servants. Rata promised to capture Matuku with his spider Pungawerewere. They saw a river. Pungawerewere decided to make a cobweb to cross the river. Pungawerewere asked the wind to blow the cobweb across the river. Pungawerewere made a noose from the cobweb and tied it up the tree.

They captured Matuku and cut his head off. They cooked him, then ate him and let the servants out of his cave.They used Matuku’s bones to finish off his fence.  

By Folau

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Plessius family said...

Hi Folau,
That was a great recount of the story about the cobweb. You have captured and re-told so many elements of the story. Your sentences are short, which in this case, adds to the excitement of the story.
Tsana (Karl & Robin's mum)