Friday, 27 August 2010

Recount of a Folk Dancing Festival by Jonah

Yay! On Tuesday the 17th of August 2010, Glenbrae School students and Staff went to the ASB Stadium for our folk dancing festival. We went there by bus. When we arrived at the ASB Stadium we waited. We saw many animals.

Then we danced but before we danced we did the grand march. After a few dances we had morning tea. Then we did more dances. We also listened to lovely music.

When we finished we tried to get as many balloons as we could. We went back to school by bus. I had a wonderful time at the Folk dancing festival and would love to go back next year.


Melville Intermediate, Hamilton. said...

Jonah - what a great recount that you wrote about the Folk Dancing Festival. I learnt a lot of information about it and also I think its good that you had pictures to go with it, as it helped me get more of an understanding of the event. It looked big, I wonder if Mrs Moopanar was dancing?

Gemima said...

Hi Jonah

I really liked your story about the Folk Dancing Festival.