Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Narrative of Peter and the Wolf rewritten by Jonah

One day there was a boy named Peter who lived in the woods with his grandpa. Early one morning Peter opened the gate and went out. Then he saw a bird flying around the tree.

After that he saw a duck following him and the gate was opened because Peter forgot to lock it.
He heard the bird asking the duck :“What kind of bird you are if you can’t fly?” and the duck asked: “What kind of bird are you if you can’t swim?”

Then a cat came and he thought that it was a bad cat. He jumped higher and he missed.
A big wolf came from the woods.Then Peter’s grandpa told Peter to come into the house.

The wolf ate the duck and the cat ran away from the wolf. Then Peter climbed on the tree.He caught the wolf right on his tail and two hunters came to the woods. They shot the wolf and Peter saw them and he shouted :”Don't shoot the wolf. I already got it.” Then the hunters got the wolf in the zoo but the duck was still alive in the wolf’s stomach.


Mrs Burt said...

What an interesting narrative you have written Jonah. I am amazed that the duck survived that traumatic experience!
Mrs Burt

Mrs Kelly said...

Great narrative, Jonah - this is one of my most favourite stories. Keep up the good writing!