Monday, 16 August 2010

Narrative of Peter and the Wolf rewritten by Alex

Early one morning Peter walked into the meadow. He saw his friend Bird. Duck was happy because Peter left the gate open.

Grandpa was disappointed that Peter went into the meadow. Bird and Cat were fighting. Cat thought it was a good time to get Bird. Instead he chased Duck.

Peter and Bird caught Wolf on a string. The hunters tried to shoot the Wolf. Peter said: “No, help me take him to the zoo”. If you listen closely you can still hear Duck quacking in Wolf’s stomach.


Izzy and Maya said...

Dear Alex,
we liked reading the story of peter and the wolf. We thought it was exciting to read.
From Izzy and Maya.

alex said...

Hi Alex I really injoyed your story

well done

dannielle said...

Hi Alex
Its Danelle I like your story because you put in most of the detailes in the naritive
From Danielle p.s Keep making graet storys like the one I just read

joan said...

i alex i really liked your story it was graet

june leona said...

hey alex its me june
i thought you had a wonderful story hope you make more