Friday, 20 August 2010

Narrative of Peter and the wolf rewritten by Danielle

Early one morning Peter opened the gate and walked into the big green meadow. Waddling behind Peter was a duck. There Peter saw his friend a bird.

The duck was delighted that Peter had not closed the gate for he wanted to have a swim in the pond in the meadow. Then Peter’s Grandpa came to the gate. He was disappointed that Peter had come out of the gate. The bird said: ‘‘How can a bird not fly”? Then the duck replied: ‘‘How can a duck not fly”? While the bird and duck were arguing a wolf came out of the forest. The bird flew up to a branch of the tree and the duck climbed as fast as she could. The duck got out of the pond and ran as fast as lightning. The wolf got closer and closer until he caught the duck and ate her with one gulp.

All the animals were sad. Peter had seen everything that had been going on. Peter had found a heavy rope. He asked the bird to go around the wolf’s nose. The bird was twisting round and round while Peter put the rope around the wolf’s tail. Then some hunters came out of the woods. The hunters were going to shout but Peter said, “Stop! The bird and I already caught the wolf.”

They took the wolf to the zoo. Peter’s Grandpa was pleased with Peter and they lived happily ever after and if you listen quietly you can hear a quack in the wolf’s stomach for the wolf had swollen the duck alive.


June said...

hi danielle its me June

what a great story you wrote please write more

By june

danielle said...

Hi danielle
I like your story it entertand me.
From danielle

Danielle said...

Hi Danielle
I like your story and all the facts in your Peter and the wolf naritive.
From Danielle P.S Keep on Writing