Friday, 20 December 2013

2013 Reflections

In 2013, I was in Room 8.  We did art, swimming, maths, reading, writing, PE and topic study. out of all of them, maths is my favourite  subject.We went on trips to different places. I enjoyed the trip to the zoo most of all.

I did e- learning. E- learning is when I do learning from the computer like using the internet to go onto google docs to type my story. I loved learning on the computer.

I went to the Matatriki Ball and we danced a lot. Four children were crowned King and Queen from the juniors and the seniors.

I went for the Inter schools Tournament and did long jump,100 mtr running and discus. I came 1st in discus, 2nd in long jump and 4th in the running. I also did house sports.

The prize giving was cool. At the end of the prize giving we sang a farewell song to the Yr 8 students.

I want to say Thank you to Mrs Moopanar fro teaching me for two years. I am glad that she was my teacher. Thank yo for all the stuff you did for me.

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