Thursday, 19 June 2008

Luana's lost dog

Oh dear another lost dog!!! Shaggy the Chinese Crested Hairless dog belongs to Luana. She was tied to a pole outside the Warehouse in Henderson. Shaggy looks like a little cow and a rat. Tune in and listen to Luana's lost dog advert.


uncle Carlo said...

Hi Luana

I loved the pocast that really much.You used lovely expression you have a nice voice.I hope you get your dog back.

Mum said...

Hi Luana
I hope you get your dog back soon.
I am looking forward to hear and see more of your podcast.You used
heaps of expression and you spoke loudly and clearly.

miss elia said...

Kia ora, Luana

You spoke really clearly and fluently on your podcast. I loved the way you described your dog's affectionate nature.

Good on you!

Miss Elia