Friday, 20 June 2008

Hola's lost dog

Hola has lost his dog Jake. He was tied to a pole beside the trolleys at Sylvia Park Shopping Mall. Tune in and listen to Hola's podcast.  


Miss Elia said...

Kia ora, Hola

You gave very specific details about the time and place your dog went missing, and you spoke very clearly too.
Good on you.

Miss Elia

Helping-pets said...

Making your community aware that your pet is missing is vital to the location of your pet. Make a poster including all important information including where he/she went missing, microchip number if applicable, what kind of collar, any tags, and your pet's name. There are services available in some countries that help you with this service. There is a company in the states called and it works marvelously. Go to there site and read there advice for when you have a missing pet. Best of luck and I hope that you are reunited soon.

June said...

hi hola
i liked the way you used a iot of expression to emphize your feelings