Friday, 20 June 2008

Gary's lost dog

Gary's dog Zombie has got away. This time in Mission Bay. Maybe he's cooling off his sunburn in the water. Tune in and listen to Gary's podcast on his dog Zombie the Chinese Crested Hairless. 


Miss Elia said...

Hi Gary

You gave a very detailed description of your lost dog. I liked the way you sounded worried, too, so anyone listening would realise how much you want your dog back.

Well done.

Miss Elia

tamakitoday said...

That was pretty good for a boy your age.

Sorry about your dog I hope you find it soon.

Alex and Solomone
Tamaki Intermediate School

maiolo said...

Hi Gary,

i loved the way you speak clearly and i loved your picture.

maiolo said...

Hi Gary,

I loved the way you speak clearly and i love your picture.