Tuesday, 4 May 2010

My holidays

In the holidays on April the 9 it was my birthday.

I turned 9 years old. I had a big party. I had 3 large pizzas from Pizza Hut. After we had pizza my family and I had ice cream and cake. A movie came on. I ate popcorn when the movie came on. Then I got my presents.

I had a good birthday. My holiday was fun.


Eseki said...

I like your story

june said...

hi alex your story was great but who were the people who came to your birthday and who finished all of the pizza

Lauren Corvino said...

Hi Alex,

Happy Birthday!! I just celebrated my birthday too last week. I am happy to hear you had a great day.
Miss Corvino

danielle mailata said...

hi Alex

I hope you and your family had a graet time at your birthday hopfully your pizza was yum I really hope you had a graet time

from danielle mailata