Monday, 3 May 2010

My Holidays

Last week I went to this cool place called Rainbow's End . I went there by car. I went with my family. First we went to the boat. My little brother was very scared because it was going higher.

Next we went to my favourite place, the wild roller coaster . My little brother was scared and the man asked if I wanted have another turn on the wild roller coaster. I said: 'No'.

I had fun going to Rainbow's End. Finally we went to the eating area because I was hungry . I ate a burger and fries and also had drinks . I had a lot of fun at Rainbow's End .


Lauren Corvino said...

Hi Anamanu,
I really enjoyed reading your recount about Rainbow's End. I had a lot of fun there too when I went with the kids from Tamaki Intermediate on a school trip. Have you guys received my new postcards yet? I think they should be coming soon. I miss you guys heaps and please tell everyone I said hi!
Miss Corvino

Gemima said...

Hi Anamanu

I really enjoyed reading your recount about going to Rainbow's End.I bet it was a lot of fun.It remind's me when I went there on my birthday and my cousin's birthday.I had a lot of fun there because I went on the rollercoster,the ferris wheel. I bet you were really hungry?

From your best friend Gemima.A

joan said...

did you have fun at rainbows end