Monday, 29 March 2010

Recount of a Road Safety Trip

This is a recount of what June thought about the Road Safety Trip that she went on with Constable Julie.


Ala said...

Hi June and Rm 8,

I really liked your recount on a Road safety trip. It was amazing! But the best thing that I liked about it was that you were saying that the green glass was camouflage. Great work! Where you excited that you were going to met a constable?

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From a Pt england student,

Litia said...

Hi June,
What a lucky class being able to go and have a walk with constable Julie.You will be safe all the time now when your near the road.I wish I was there with you.Anyway,Keep up the great work.


apii said...

hi June what a nice words

gemima said...

Hi june

I really liked your story about your road safety with Constable Julie.

apii said...

hi june you spoke clearly and i am glad you had fun on our walk

jorja said...

hi JUNE I like how you spoke very clearly .I also liked how you had fun.From JORJA

apii said...

hi June I like your story about your road safty I really like your story it is nice and you spoke nicely