Thursday, 23 June 2016

Use a Balloon to Amplify Sound

Balloon experiment from Radha Moopanar on Vimeo.

Small sounds can still make a big noise when you use a good sound conductor. Experiment with a balloon, compressed air and your own ears to find out how it works and the science behind it.

What you'll need:
  • Balloon

1.  Blow up the balloon.
2.  Hold the balloon close to your ear while you tap lightly on the other side.
 What's happening?

Despite you only tapping lightly on the balloon your ears can hear the noise loudly. When you blew up the balloon you forced the air molecules inside the balloon closer to each other. Because the air molecules inside the balloon are closer together, they become a better conductor of sound waves than the ordinary air around you.


Setaita M said...

Hey there room 10 it is me Setaita I like the way you guys are smiling and doing experiment about sound. I hope you guys had fun. And thank you Mrs Moopanar for doing the video about music I like the way how everyone id smiling and also doing what they were supposed to do.

Keep it up room 10:)
By Setaita

Danny S said...

shots Mrs for the song man my jam ever since I heard it and nice video PS.
Danny Glenbrae