Friday, 1 April 2016

All about Mathew

Mathew created an image  about himself using google draw.


meleane said...

i like your work. good job MATHEW i like the way you add my colour in it good job !!!

Fasi M said...

good job but next time try to make the word not mach and I like your COOL CARS you put on it,keep your reading up and maths Nice work

anita said...

Hi Mathew
I really liked your all about me and I found it really interesting.I really like how bright you made it.You have done a wonderful piece of writing.Maybe next time try to add more information.

Well Done Mathew!!!

Siosaia.L said...
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stanley said...

hi Mathew
i really like your post. maybe put some more information.

good job and good work Mathew