Thursday, 24 September 2015

Science Intensive Week

For our science intensive lesson we were learning how to make music, we experimented using water, rubber bands and balloons. 

Room 8 did 6 different experiments:

1) Firstly we made music with water which is where we filled 5 beakers with different amounts of water and tapped them using a pencil, listening to the different tones. 

2) The second was called bottled sound, this is where we blew over the test tubes filled with water and listened to the different volumes they produced. 

3) Next we did the cup and rubber band experiment, this is where we pulled the rubber band when lose and tight and listened to the noise, seeing which is louder. 

4) After that we did the communicating with sound experiment, the is where we talked through plastic cups and listened to see if we could hear each other. 

5) Then we did the make a guitar experiment, where we used different sized rubber bands over a box and listened to the different sounds.

 6) Lastly we use a balloon to amplify sound, this experiment involved putting a ballon next to our air and listening to see if it is louder or not. 

We had lots of fun and learnt lots of new information about different ways to make sound, and about what changes the volume of the sound.

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