Monday, 25 February 2013

Linda's Bio Poem


Is nice

Sibling of Isadora, Athena and Claudi

Lover of Isa and Filipo

Who feels happy

Who gives food

Who fears snakes

Who would like to see Niue

Who lives in Glen Innes



aaliyahna&loto said...

Hi kiki your bio-poem
sounds coool
and this is aaliyahna
your also my best friend because we play and laugh
also with disire IT is soooooo fun!!!!

Caroilne said...

Hi Linda you look pretty

Angelina said...

Nice smile kiki

Aaliyahna&Caroline said...

Hi Kiki you have a lovely bio poem

angelica said...

hi lindakiki your picture is cool i like it

claudine said...

hi i love your flower sis

isadora said...

you are so pretty my sister

isa said...

i like your bio-poem daugter

Anonymous said...

hi i like everythink of yours

Anonymous said...

i like it better now

auntie linda said...

i love it

carolina and shannon said...

Hi i like your poem