Monday, 3 October 2011


I created this print by making the image on a block using card. Then I rolled an even coat of ink over the surface and placed paper over the block applying pressure using my hands and a roller to transfer the print.


Zeb said...

Hello Atelaite
That is amazing work. I have never done print before so that is pretty good stuff.Why did you only use blue?

Room 12 said...

Hi Atelaite
We loved your print. Printmaking is such fun. Our class did it in Term 2. We liked your colour choice.
Well done

Room 12

Deandra said...

Hi Atelaite I loved what you did with your print making.When you grow up you could be anything you want to be when you grow up like an artist a nurse,vet,zoo keeper,lawyer,fashion designer,movie star,actor,television presenter,teacher,vice principal,judge,police woman,fire fighter and a ambulance.