Thursday, 12 May 2011

Road Safety

Yay! Last Thursday Room 8 students went for a walk with Constable Julie and Mrs Kelly. We went down Fenchurch Street. There we practised how to cross the road properly.

We walked past a creek and it had heaps of hazards like old furniture and it could block the drains and flood it.

When we got back to school I was exhausted but it was really fun and interesting because I learnt about Road hazards.


Lawson said...

Hello Room 8 I'm here to ask some questions what hazards did you run into? where did you go? what type of creek is it? how much furniture did you find? thanks for telling me what things you can run into thank you

from Lawson

nikita and tominika said...

Hi kahn

your work was really good and the teachers really like it and it was kind of cool.


NIKITA said...