Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Life Caravan

Yesterday Room8 went for a lesson on the Life Caravan.

Then a girl named Cindy told us the rules.After that we walked inside. I felt very cold.
The life caravan smelt weird. After that we listened about a brain talk and the brain said that it was the boss of every thing.

Later on we watched this video of a girl named Aroha. We also sang a song. Suddenly Harold popped out and said that he had 3 Harold badges. The people that got the badges were Deandra, Kahn and Brandon.

Finally we went to class and I was happy because I learnt about my body.

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Plessius family said...

Hi Keti,
I liked the way you described lots of senses when going to the caravan - smell as well as touch (feeling cold). You got use your sense of hearing and seeing as well while you learned about the brain.
Tsana (Karl & Robin's mum)