Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Baseball Coaching

Last Tuesday after morning tea Room 8 walked up the field to play kickball with Aaron.
First we warmed up. Our warm up was to run to the pole. Next Aaron asked us to get a glove and practice throwing and catching with a buddy. So I got Laite to be my buddy but she wasn’t really good but she kept trying. After practicing we did the real game. We had to do it up to 21 but we did it up to 22 instead because Laite needed some more practice with her throwing and catching.

Next we played kickball. My team was fielding and the other team was kicking. The other team was winning but luckily Aaron was helping us.Then we got two people out and there was one more to go. Later on we still tried to get someone out but then Aaron got the last person out and it was our turn.

The first person was James. It was lucky that James was first because he was good at kicking. So there was lots of other people. Finally it was my turn. After I kicked the ball I ran really fast. Eventually the game was over. I had lots of fun playing a fantastic game and we enjoyed exercising as well.


Plessius family said...

Hi Tauola,
I was interested to read your detailed account of playing kickball. You were able to join your sentences using lots of different ways. It sounds as if you enjoy learning skills from Aaron. Learn all you can!
Tsana (Karl & Robin's mum)

Tauola said...

Hi Plessius family thanks for the comment you typed