Friday, 23 April 2010

Our school makeover

This is recount of what Joan thought about the Glenbrae School Makeover.


alex said...

i liked your story it was cool.

Gemima said...

Hi Joan

Your recount on your story about the holiday's was intersting. I hope you write another in ter sing story next time.

Excellent Work!

moli said...

hi joan I like your holiday about the jumping castal

by moli.

apii said...

hi Joan I like your story about your holidays it was intersting Excellent work

Layla said...

Hi joan i liked how you speak and it was intersting and Excellent about the bounce castle.

By Layla

june said...

hi joan
it was nice to see how your holidays were

Gemima said...

Hi Joan

I really liked your recount about your holidays

From your best friend Gemima.A

nunia said...

Hi joan I like your recount about your holidays really enjoyed it was cool
by nunia

Layla said...

hey! Joan! i liked your voice