Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Clause 6 We look after ourselves

Join Awhina and her team of experts to find out what clause 6 "We look after ourselves" means. 


Dorothy Burt said...

Wow Awhina and team
I really enjoyed listening to what you shared about Clause 6. You had some very good ideas and you spoke so clearly that it made me think hard. I had not thought that sharing was part of looking after ourselves until you mentioned it, but now I see what you are talking about.
I am looking forward to your next post

Mrs Burt

Tamaki Primary School said...

Hi Glen Brae
We like your clauses and your podcasts. Have a look at our Blog too! Keep up the good work
From Tamaki Primary Writing Group


Tamaki Today said...

I really liked listening to the comments and I will make sure that all of the ex Glenbrae students who are at Tamaki Intermediate know about this page. I think Awhina spoke clearly and I liked her ideas, she spoke really proudly and did an excellent job.

Mr Webb, Tamaki Intermediate School