Wednesday 9 November 2016

Room 10's Raps and Song

Students from room 10 created raps and a song that they are proud of. Watch our movie and enjoy.
Please leave a comment. Thanks


Mata said...

hi room 10 i like your raps.

Tepaia said...

Hi my name is Tepaia I am from Pt England School. I am in room 9 which is a year 4 & 5 class. I really liked your rapping and singing. My cousin Po and everyone of you were very good. Sean I see you like rapping, my cousin likes to rap to
From: Tepaia

Anonymous said...
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Room 2 said...

Hi Room 10
I think you are clever to make your own songs. Well done

From Sr Evalesi, Mrs Foden and all the children in Room 2 at St Patrick's School.

Mrs Sigamoney said...

Hey Room 10, well done with your movie. You had some good messages in your rap.

sharhera said...

hi room 10 i like the song that you made up because you said thing,s about your school and class keep it up room 10

Latini Ilaoa said...

Hi Room 10
Awesome song! I really like some of your lyrics in your rap. Ka pai and keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Hi R10,
I like how you did your raps and song.
The song that you were singing was my favourite part of the movie,you're person
Who went on his own was great the,whole class was amazing your raps was awesome too.
I wish your rappers could teach me how to rap.

From Michael at tamaki primary school

Francesca said...

Hi room 10
I really liked your rap and your song.Keep it up room 10 and keep leaning and I liked the way you filmed it.

Angelica Fakahau said...

Hi Room 10,I like the way how you did a rap and changing the Jungle song to a school song.You students did a wonderful Job of making your guys movie:)

Unknown said...

Hello Room10

Everyone has such enthusiasm and very good singing, the students that rapped were very talented. I am from Glen Innes School and we have made a few movies ourselves. This was an exceptional movie and I really enjoyed watching it. Did the students volunteer to rap?

Anonymous said...

Hi Glenbre School rm10
I like the way you made your own verson of the Migty jungle and made up your own raps, you could probaly use one more song with the whole class.from Clarabell at Hamilton East School.